Monday, September 1, 2014

Berger Eriksen SANDER (c. 1702-1770)

So far the farm histories for the SANDER family have only provided us with enough information to trace Brede Bredsen SANDER's paternal line back another three generations to Berger Eriksen SANDER. Until further documentation is discovered all we know is that he married a Marthe Andersdatter and that they had a son who they named Erik.

Recently I discovered in the Grue parish records what I believe is a record of Berger's death. A Google search had taken me to Arne Sandbakken's page in which indicated Berger was born c. 1702 and died in 1770. Though the handwriting of the minister in the Grue parish records is extremely difficult to make out, it appears that an entry for 26 Jun 1770 is for the burial of Berger Erichs. Sander (outlined in red below).

Hedmark fylke, Grue, Ministerialbok nr. 2 (1749-1774), Kronologisk liste 1770, side 445-446. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

Arne Sandbakken's entry also provided some additional details for Berger's wife, Marthe. The Grue parish records appear to show that her burial was on 23 Feb 1743. It is the last entry in the first column.

Hedmark county, Grue, Parish register (official) nr. 1 (1712-1748), Chronological list 1743, page 422-423. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.


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